The Consent Experts

consentris® provides technology and analysis, making research faster,
more efficient and legally and ethically compliant.
At the same time we give individuals control over their data and biomaterials.
This is how science in partnership with patients is meant to be.

consentris is a European health tech company developing a revolutionary platform to connect data and material donors with researchers and clinicians. We are experts in ethics, law, and information technology and we want to create an environment in which individuals’ autonomy and research success are complementary, rather than mutually exclusive. 

We are leveraging technology to create true partnerships between patients and researchers.

We are working on making research easier and better, whilst ensuring individuals’ autonomy is respected. This is all the more important in the context of respecting data subject rights under the new GDPR.

We believe that we can reconcile these two priorities by leveraging technologies and bringing consent management and partnership between research participants and researchers into the 21st century.

Watch this space. In the meantime, please direct any enquiries to hello@consentris.com or arrange to meet us at one of the many events we are attending or presenting at:

18 - 19 April / Berlin, Germany
23 - 24 April 2018 / Munich, Germany
24 - 26 April 2018 / Hannover, Germany
30 Sept - 2 Oct 2018 / Munich, Germany

News and Insights

We’re all about getting research right and respecting patients’ rights at the same time. Our advice assists in setting up compliant research designs, and our platform gives greater control to all stakeholders involved in the research

  • Patients control their personal data 
  • Clinicians control their consent documentation 
  • Researchers control their access rights 
  • Institutions control compliance


Professor Nils Hoppe
Founder & CEO

Nils is a professor of ethics and law in the life sciences and a dean of research at the University of Hannover. He is also an ethics advisor to the European Commission and to the Innovative Medicines Initiative, and sits on the Ethics and Governance Council of UK Biobank. Nils holds a law degree with a specialisation in medical law and human rights law from Nottingham Law School and a PhD in biotechnology law from the University of Hannover.

Dr Sam White

Sam led the Spinnovator initiative at Ascenion GmbH in Munich. Previously he was Associate Director, Project Search/Evaluation & Partnerships at CDRD in Vancouver. Sam has considerable expertise in both technology and corporate business development as well as fundraising. Sam also brings to consentris a patient focused clinical background having worked with charitable foundations across US, Canada and Europe. He holds a PhD and Master of Pharmacy from Cardiff University.

Nina McGuinness
Research Management

Nina is a research manager at Hannover Medical School and has more than 15 years experience of large-scale project management in the life sciences. She was previously research manager at the universities of Hildesheim and Hannover, as well as coordinator in the molecular biology and neurosciences graduate programme in Goettingen. Nina graduated from University College Dublin (BA) and the University of Hannover (MA).  

Matthias Goebel

Matthias is a graduate of civil engineering and informatics (Hannover). He subsequently worked at the Institute for Computer Science in Civil Engineering with a focus on informatics, mechanics, numerical processes and geometric modelling. He has been the CEO of a successful digital solutions company since 1998, developing applications for customers including Deutsche Telekom, E.ON, and Volkswagen. Matthias has unrivalled experience in developing innovative technologies for complex internet-based applications.