Biobank Governance

Ethics and governance advice for large-scale biobank initiatives


consentris advisors provided in-depth governance advice on topics ranging from consent to secondary use and incidental findings for large-scale biobank undertakings. Drafting of governance frameworks was provided alongside general ethics analysis in relation to access requests to the repository, as well as communication and risk mitigation advice.

  • Analysis

  • Advice

  • Technology


Large-scale biobank undertakings have an ongoing need for ethics analysis and advice: ongoing recruitment of participants and material/data (such as for example image data) consistently generates new ethics issues that need to be identified and dealt with. In the case of the biobank entities consentris advises, we provide continuous issue spotting and advisory services. In addition, we are working in close collaboration with our biobanking clients to develop and test our patient consentris engagement platform.

  • Ethics issue spotting

  • Governance structure

  • Technology development

Ethics issue spotting
Governance development
Consent management
Patient engagement technology