Cell Lines

Advice on complex consent issues in the context of downstream commercialisation


consentris provided advice on appropriate consent requirements for the subsequent commercial use of biological materials. This involved analysing, ex post, existing consent documentation and advising on the current reach of consent. In addition consentris provided advice on drafting more bespoke consent documents.

  • Analysis

  • Advice


After document analysis, consentris produced a detailed report outlining the current reach of existing consents in relation to the use of cord blood. Subsequently, new consent documentation was drafted to assist in downstream commercialisation and improve consenters’ understanding of the documentation. Assistance was also given in relation to due diligence during difficult negotiations with a commercialisation partner.

  • Ethics issue spotting

  • Consent analysis

  • Commercialisation support

Report on ethics issues
Draft consent documentation
Assistance during due diligence
Advice and support in meetings with commercial partner